‘Round Düsseldorf

It occurs to me that despite having lived here for almost three months, I’ve shared relatively little about Düsseldorf.

So while a more detailed account of being an expat in Germany (again) is in the works, I thought I’d show off a bit the city to help you get to know my new adoptive town…

The first thing you need to know about Düsseldorf is that it’s green.

Südpark - the city's largest park
Südpark – the city’s largest park

The next thing you need to know is that it’s pretty.

Dürenerstraße, in pretty Bilk
Dürenerstraße, in pretty Bilk

Really pretty.

Kruppstraße in multicultural Oberbilk
Kruppstraße in multicultural Oberbilk

I mean, really really pretty.

Düsseldorfer Straße in chic Oberkassel
Düsseldorfer Straße in chic Oberkassel

Düsseldorf is known in Germany as being pretty chic, too. Thanks to its Einkaufsmöglichkeiten (basically “shops”).

Der Kö - Germany's premier shopping street
Der Kö – Germany’s premier shopping street

…old and new.

Amazing architecture - Düsseldorf's latest shopping centre
Amazing architecture – Düsseldorf’s latest shopping centre

But D-town is also quite traditional.

Dusseldorf Marktplatz
Dusseldorf Marktplatz

…with pretty and traditional houses.

Düsseldorfer Straße in chic Oberkassel
Düsseldorfer Straße in chic Oberkassel

And to top it all off: a skyline which is quickly becoming my one of my favourites.

Neuer Zollhof in Dusseldorf's Media Harbour
Neuer Zollhof in Dusseldorf’s Media Harbour

Come rain…

The rhine in Dusseldorf
The rhine in Dusseldorf

…or shine.

View from the office
View from the office

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13 thoughts on “‘Round Düsseldorf

  1. That picture with the colorful houses is PERFECT! Seriously, it’s the kind of picture I wouldn’t mind having in a frame somewhere. And what makes it even better (if that was possible) is that gay couple on the left. (Hope they really are a couple, it looks as if they’re holding hands). Okay, I’ve added Düsseldorf to my list and it will be the first city I’ll visit in Germany (one day…)

    1. I’m glad you like it! It’s such a pretty street, but it took a lot of editing to really bring the colours out on the photo. It’s a shot I really like, just because I stumbled upon the street purely by accident.

      You should definitely come to Dusseldorf – I’ll give you a grand tour, haha. Though I hate to break you heart and tell you that the guys in the corner weren’t gay 🙁

  2. Love those coloured houses, looks almost Scandinavian. Dusseldorf is the only city in Germany I’ve ever visited and that was when I was 11 so I probably should get back there again soon!

    1. You definitely should, though there are at least 5 other places you should check out in Germany before Dusseldorf – it’s such a fantastic country, you would absolutely love it.

  3. I also seem to remember that there are some interesting bar/microbreweries in the Old Town, I went there on a work trip once in the middle of winter, and we spent quite a bit of time there!

    1. The Old Town is FULL of bars and microbreweries. It’s known as ‘the longest bar in the world’ because there are so many – I’ve spent plenty of time there, too! Did you like Dusseldorf when you were here?

  4. Hi John-

    I was wondering why did you move to Cologne instead of staying in Dusseldorf? Forgive my prying if it was for personal or work reasons. I have moved a lot and it was very rarely fueled by work or personal life rather than just wanderlust and the search of something new and different so that was mainly the reason for my question:)

    I just found your blog as I’m researching our options: my husband and I are planning on relocating to Germany from the US and are trying to decide whether it’s going to be Dusseldorf, Cologne or Leipzig. Now that you’ve lived in both – would you recommend one over the other? What are the major differences and pluses/minuses?

    1. Thanks for the question, Tania! Funnily enough while I was studying, I did an internship in Leipzig so the three German cities I’ve lived in are Dusseldorf, Cologne and Leipzig 🙂

      There were a few reasons for me wanting to move from Dusseldorf, but a big factor was the difference in lifestyle. Cologne is a much bigger city, has a far bigger student population and generally just feels a lot ‘younger’. It also has a great gay scene, which is something Dusseldorf lacks.

      However Ddorf isn’t some small provisional city by any means and it has some really beautiful spots and some beautiful buildings – it’s actually known within Germany as being a fairly posh, chic place to live. It’s also really well connected to the rest of Germany and Europe and is very international – but I found it lacked a certain ‘edge’.

      If I were to oversimplify it, I’d say that Dusseldorf is great for established couples and families, while Cologne is home to a younger, more party-ready crowd. Luckily rent is very similar in both cities, so cost doesn’t need to come into it (although certain suburbs of Dusseldorf can be very pricey).

      Leipzig is quite different. It gets a lot of comparisons to Berlin, which I don’t think is quite accurate but it does have a huge student population and a very hipster vibe to it. (It’s also incredibly cheap!) It’s also in Saxony, which I think has to be one of the most beautiful areas of Germany. However, Leipzig felt a bit small when I was there as the city centre is very compact. But the big plus is the nature in the immediate surrounds of the city: you have several artificial lakes and some good biking and hiking trails.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

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