My summer travel plans 2015

It’s that time of year again: summer travel planning.


I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about how much I love travel planning so you can imagine how pleased I am to say I have now planned enough of my summer to share it with you all.

And better yet – my plans seem to fit in with my 2015 travel aims quite nicely.

So: what am I up to?

May: North Yorkshire and Mallorca

First up in May, it’s back to the UK, where I will be visiting the homeland: THE NORTH.

I will be squeezing in a quick trip home to Worksop and Nottingham, before I head up to North Yorkshire for what promises to be an incredible wedding. Think Pinterest-level decorations and a wedding dress hand-crafted by the bride and her lovely mum.

Rievaulx Abbey, North YorkshirePhoto credit: Archangel12, Flickr

A friend and I are heading up a little earlier that weekend to ‘make a weekend of it’ and we will be heading to the picturesque seaside village of Staithes (I can already smell the Fish and Chips), as well as instagramming our way around the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

Palma de Mallorca beachPhoto credit: Andres Nieto Porras, Flickr

From Yorkshire, it’s straight off to Palma de Mallorca for 11 days of working in the sunshine. Though I will be spending my days working from our company office out there, I will be making the most of my evenings and long weekend by exploring as much of the island as possible.

I will also be in Palma for Eurovision, which I will be live-tweeting here.

June: London and Transylvania

During the first weekend in June, I’m planning on heading to London for my first proper visit in ages. I was there briefly in November 2014, but this time I’m hoping to indulge in a few more tourist treats. First on the list is the Sky Garden in the infamous Walkie Talkie building.

Sibiu, TransylvaniaPhoto credit: Vlad, Eff It I’m on Holiday

Then in late June, I’m off to Romania! That’s right – countless beautiful posts on Eff It I’m on Holiday have finally worn me down and convinced me to book my first trip to Transylvania. I will be visiting Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara, before flying out of Tirgu Mures. I cannot wait to visit the area’s beautiful castles and explore the Transylvanian Saxon heritage. I’m also hoping for some tacky Dracula tourist tat, too.

July: Russia

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

In mid-July, I will be returning to the other homeland: Russia. I will be spending a week spread across Moscow and St. Petersburg. Though I would be excited about visiting Russia at any time, this trip is going to be significant for me for a number of reasons:

  1. Firstly, I will be going with a group of friends and acting as tour guide. Though this is the position I normally elect myself on any group outing, this will be the first time I will get to show people ‘my Russia’ and explain exactly why I love it. I’m really excited to see what they make of it.
  2. Secondly, this will be my first visit to St. Petersburg since I lived there four years ago.
  3. Next, this will be my first trip to Russia in July and I’m excited to experience a real Russian summer.
  4. And finally, I will be meeting up with Anna from Home & Away Expat Blog in her hometown of Moscow, which will be a treat!

August: Budapest?

Budapest at nightPhoto credit: Dmitry B, Flickr

To be honest, Budapest in August isn’t so much a ‘plan’ as an idea that’s been floating around, but with the legendary Sziget festival held there in August, it seems like a great time to visit – right?

So there we are: my summer travel plans in a nutshell. You can keep up with my adventures on instagram here.

Where are you heading this summer?
Comment below!

21 thoughts on “My summer travel plans 2015

  1. What super plans John. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures iver the summer. I guess I’ll just have to vicariously travel through the blogging community because for the first time in years, I don’t have any travel plans at all! 🙁

    1. Thanks Upasna! I didn’t have too many plans at this point last year and ended up having the best – and busiest – summer ever!

  2. It looks like you’ve got some awesome plans for the summer! Looking forward to reading about them! 🙂

  3. No way, I’ll also visit Brasov this summer! 😛 I’m jealous that you will meet Anna, but I’m even more jealous about Sziget, you have no idea how many times I had to stop myself from buying tickets, the line up is perfect for me, but sadly it’s right after I come home from a two week trip and I can’t take another one off work. :'(

    1. Sziget is still very “up in the air” but hopefully a friend and I will spend a few days there. I’m thinking a day or two at the festival and then a few days in the city. Florence is playing and I need to see her.

  4. Woah! What a great summer you have planned, I’m so impressed you have it so planned to, I’m such a disorganised, last-min person!
    That wedding sounds lovely 🙂
    You’re going to be an amazing tour guide in Russia, wish I could tag along!

    1. I just really love travel planning! And this list is tiny compared to all the semi-planned trips that didn’t happen in the end.

      I can not wait to get back on Russian soil – it’s been far too long! Now if I could just remember some Russian…

  5. Jealous that you’ll be working in Palma. I’m thinking of going there for a city break weekend so I’ll be interested in what you have to say about it. I’ve heard it’s pretty cheap.

    1. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on, Richard. I’ve heard the shopping there is great.

  6. Oh, Romania is so beautiful. I would go back any second! Looks like everyone is on the way to Russia (including me.. in a few days)
    I am looking forward to reading about St. Petersburg on here. Take lots of pictures! 🙂

    1. Is it your first time to Russia? You will love – such a fascinating and beautiful country.

      Romania has been on my list for a while so I’m excited to finally go!

  7. Sounds like a fantastic summer! Especially looking forward to reading about how you get on in Romania. I am a frustrated planner at the moment as have loads of plans but nothing set in stone yet. Hopefully lots of exciting things will turn up though!

    1. I felt the same last year and then everything happened at once – I’ve no doubt the same will happen for you. Will keep you posted on Romania – very excited!

  8. I am SO excited about your Russia visit! And I might need UK tips in return: my summer plans are getting turned on their head bc of an upcoming work engagement in London, and I am contemplating taking a week and making a vacation of it (not in London tho – it’d be my 4th trip there; I am thinking Cotswolds?).

    1. Ooh, nice idea! I would definitely say anywhere in the UK is worth visiting (well, most places) but it depends what you are looking for. I’ve never been to the Cotswolds but I know people love how “traditionally English” it is, but it might be quite tourist-y. I would also recommend some cities in the North if you fancied a city break that’s not London. Have you ever been to Edinburgh?

      1. I have not, though I have always wanted to go to Scotland.
        I just want a really “country” vacation – hikes, horses, and pints in a fishing village. Last year it was Crimea, but I don’t want to go two years in a row. Another option is Germany (either Berlin or Rhine Valley).

        1. Have you thought about Yorkshire? Very countryside-y or Wales? North Wales is idyllic. And you can horse ride on the beach in Anglesey.

          Well if you want tips on the Rhein valley (which is not so far from Dusseldorf, by the way!) then let me know! 😀

          1. Actually Yorkshire has long been on my agenda! So perhaps that’s actually better. Except my trip just got postponed to fall 🙁
            So off to Germany it seems… or some Russian wilderness!

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