Travelling in Transylvania: my itinerary

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It’s finally happening.


After months of persuasion, coercion and borderline bullying from Vlad at Eff it I’m on Holiday, I will finally be setting foot in Romania for the first time next week.

I will be heading to Transylvania, where I will visit Sibiu, Brasov, and Sighişoara, before finishing with a brief stop-off in Târgu Mureş.

But of course, Vlad’s beautiful photos aren’t the only reason I’m looking forward to visiting this part of the world. In fact, Transylvania was actually a key part of my planned four-month trip around Europe that never came to fruition. The castles, the beautiful old towns and the German history of the region are just a few reasons I’m looking forward to my trip.

To see photos from my trip, click here.

Sibiu, TransylvaniaSibiu | Photo credit: Vlad Mateescu

My itinerary

I will land in Sibiu first, where I will spent two days. First on my agenda is a personal walking tour, courtesy of ABC Travel Romania, who have worked tirelessly in helping me put together the specifics of my trip (see more below). Sibiu is known as the capital of the former Transylvanian Saxons, so I’m looking forward to exploring the area’s Germanic heritage – as well as a fortified church or two.

After Sibiu, it’s on to Brasov for two nights – a city that I have been told time and again is the most beautiful in Romania. Here, I will meet up with Vlad and we plan to visit the explore the historic old town, climb the Tampa Mountain for views over the city, as well as head out to Rasnov fortress and Bran Castle on a day trip. It might be incredibly tacky, but I cannot wait to visit Dracula’s castle!

From there, I will head on to Sighişoara, where I will spend the day exploring the town’s sights. I will then head to Târgu Mureş the afternoon before I fly home. I’m not sure how much time I will have to explore this town, but I’m looking forward to seeing somewhere in Transylvania that’s more removed from the tourist trail.

If there’s anything you think I should add to my itinerary, comment below!

Information & resources

Travelling in Transylvania: Brasov Brasov | Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis


When finding and booking my accommodation, I was assisted by ABC Travel Romania, who were fantastic. Besides recommending hotels and hostels, ABC Travel Romania also helped me shape my itinerary, advised me on things to do and answered a lot of my general questions. I would definitely recommend them for planning travels in Romania.


For my trip, I took advantage of the numerous low-cost flights to Romania offered by WizzAir. My flights (Dortmund – Sibiu, Târgu Mureş – Dortmund) cost a total of around €109 return, including baggage.

On the road

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 Travelling in Transylvania: SighisoaraSighisoara | Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis

As ever, any recommendations of things to see, do, eat, drink or avoid are MORE than welcome – comment below if you have any tips for a Transylvanian first-timer!


  1. Bullying? I did no such thing! 😛 I can’t wait to meet you and I hope the weather won’t suck!

    • We’ll have a great time regardless of the weather! And there some definitely some bullying… but next year it’s my turn to drag you to Germany. 😀

  2. I am so jealous – Vlad has totally seduced me on Romania over the last few months (I’m seeing that trip happening in the next 2 years). Bon Voyage!

    • Vlad has a lot to answer for, I think! I am already finding so much I want to do that I won’t have time for, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back in two years, too!

  3. Sounds like a great trip planned (and very jealous of those flight prices!) – hope you have a fantastic time.

    • Thanks Lucy! The flights actually worked out a bit more expensive than usual for WizzAir, but they charge a whopping €30 extra for a check-in bag!

  4. A very ambitious itinerary, John! I think you’ll have a blast in Romania. It’s really a very beautiful country if you know where to look and what to expect. I’d be curious to know how you liked it.

    • Thanks Anda – I’m a bit worried I might be trying to fit too much in but we’ll see how it goes.

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