36 hours in Warsaw (part 2): what we didn’t do

I recently paid a fleeting visit to the beautiful city of Warsaw.


After finding a great deal on Ryanair, we were off: 36 hours in the Polish capital. But after recapping what we did do, let’s take a look at what we didn’t do in Warsaw.


Explore the old town


Things to do in Warsaw: Old Town

As our time was short (and our hangovers were long), we really didn’t spend much time at all in the Old Town. Looking back, I think this is a real shame as the area is obviously one of the most beautiful areas and one of the city’s highlights. We spent a short time on our first day wondering through the pretty streets but it soon got dark and we headed to the Uprising Museum instead.

When I go back, I think the Old Town will be first on my list. If only for the Instagram shots…



Graffiti, Warsaw

One thing we definitely didn’t do in Warsaw was budget. We did set out with the best of intentions, though. In fact, having read the excellent £100 Warsaw Challenge from Dan Flying Solo, we planned to spend as little as possible, taking out a moderate lump sum at the airport and vowing not to take out more cash.

A few hours later we were in one of the poshest restaurants I’ve ever been to, ordering pheasant… There were plenty of shots too, not to mention Vodka red bulls…

In conclusion: budgeting is definitely possible in Warsaw. We just didn’t do it.


The Palace of Science of Culture

36 hours in Warsaw

This imposing giant can’t really be missed in Warsaw. Whether you love it or hate it (and I definitely fall into the former camp here), the Stalinist building can be seen almost anywhere from the city. The top floor is meant to offer amazing views over Warsaw.

…not that we’d know. This was another activity we didn’t have time for. However, as our first day was marked with thick fog and the days were short, it would have been a squeeze to fit this in. Palace of Science and Culture: definitely one for next time.

36 hours in Warsaw




Our 36 hours in Warsaw did not include a lot of sleeping. Drinking? Check. Dancing? Check. Sleeping? Nope


POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Museum of Jewish History Warsaw

Something else that will be top of my list when on a return trip to Poland would be the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The museum was recommended to me, but with a short timeframe, we opted for the Uprising Museum instead.

I do think it was the right choice, but our fantastic Jewish walking tour really left with fascinated with Jewish culture and his state-of-the-art contemporary museum looked incredible from the outside alone.

The museum came highly recommended from our guide and is one of the newest in Poland. I would definitely urge anyone visiting to try and squeeze it into their schedule!

Which city are you dying to get back to to?
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18 thoughts on “36 hours in Warsaw (part 2): what we didn’t do

  1. I know what you mean about budgeting, I didn’t care too much about what I spent on my last trip to Barcelona as well. The great food and the drinks were worth it though! The Old Town looks very pretty and The Palace of Science of Culture looks a lot like a building in Bucharest that is right near my office. I’ll show you when you come next year 😀

    1. I think sometimes it’s really nice to just treat yourself – especially when prices are a lot lower than you are used to anyway.

      Looking forward to Bucharest!

  2. I’ve been thinking about going back to Spain A LOT (I studied there for a semester a decade ago). Paricularly the northern province of Galicia – my favorite part!

  3. Hey John

    Glad you had a great time in Warsaw, I think the vodka and drinking is what I need to go back for next time! Glad you ignored my advice though, it was one of those cities I kinda wish I hadn’t set myself the challenge seen as everything was so affordable I could have happily ‘splurged’.

    Safe travels.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dan. Here’s to hoping you get to splurge in Warsaw in the near future 🙂

  4. Well, this just sounds like youve got a number of reasons to return! Not seeing everything you wanted to is the perfect excuse for a return visit. And I can relate to you on the budgeting – I’ve long since stopped telling myself I’m going to stick to a budget when I travel – I’ve learned to instead spend within my means while I’m there, but don’t have a specifically set number anymore so to speak.

    Pheasent and Vodka red bull sounds like a pretty decent combination for a memorable night!

    1. Haha, memorable is definitely right! I agree with budgeting – sometimes it’s the cheaper destinations where you spend the most money, simply because you can get a lot for it. I’m trying to worry less about fixed amounts and more about value compared to home.

    1. I’m not sure if it has a hotel, but there are several theatres, cinemas and a shopping centre inside 🙂

  5. I like this idea of a travel post: “things we didn’t do.” Never thought about it, but it’s great! Most of the time there is so much left to see and do in the places we visit that it’s overwhelming. Writing about things you couldn’t cover sounds like a promise to yourself to go back and explore them. I haven’t been in Warsaw, although I lived very close to Poland for many years. That Palace of Science and Culture must be from the Communist era. It looks very much like the Stalinist architecture.

    1. Thanks Anda 🙂 The idea came about simply because I wanted to give a fuller view of things to do in Warsaw, including things I didn’t get around to.

      You’re right about the Palace of Science and Culture – it was actually a gift from Stalin for Warsaw’s pivotal role in WWII. Good spot!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time in Warsaw and plenty of reasons to go back! I’d love to go back to Budapest as I loved it when I was there and there’s still loads to the city I didn’t explore!

    1. You definitely should, Carly! I feel like this year I have discovered the joy of returning to cities – something I haven’t done a whole lot of in the past.

  7. I’ve heard a lot of great things from Warsaw and it’s great to hear that you also had a good time there! I really look forward to seeing that part of the world 🙂

  8. Glad you enjoyed Warsaw. We spent a decent amount of time in the Old Town, as it was so pretty but there wasn’t a ton to keep doing. One thing we did do was go to the main theatre and catch a movie (was cheap!) I myself am dying to get back to Sarajevo, so much culture and history!

    1. When I go back to Warsaw, I want to explore more of the old town – didn’t get much chance to see a lot of it.

      Totally agree about Sarajevo – absolutely loved it there!

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