My Cuba photo diary

After chancing upon a great deal with Eurowings that I found via holiday deals site Urlaubspiraten, I spent last week travelling around Cuba.

Not only was my first time in the Caribbean, it was my first time in the Americas and the country left a huge impression on me. So while I busy myself putting these impressions to paper (figuratively), I thought I would share some photos from the trip.

Day one: Havana

On day one, we explored Centro Habana, the city’s central – and densely-populated region where we stayed.

Centro Habana buildings

Centro Habana street scene

Centro Habana - Malecon

Typical house in Centro Habana

We then headed into Habana Vieja, the UNESCO-listed old town of the city, where traces of Caribbean colonial history can still be felt.

Havana cathedral
Havana Cathedral

Havana Cathedral square Plaza de Armas, Havana

Photos of Cuba: Obispo

Plaza Vieja, Cuba - photos

Havana photos

Day two: Havana

On day two, we jumped into a classic yank tank for a tour of the city’s main sights.

Me & Che at Plaza de la Revolucion
Me & Che at Plaza de la Revolucion

El Capitolio, Havana

Havana architecture

Havana colourful buildings

Havana cars

Day three: Havana to Trinidad

Day three meant a long journey by private taxi to Trinidad – made even longer by breaking down and transferring into another (very full) taxi – a story in itself.

Our not-so-trusty steed
Our not-so-trusty steed

We arrived in Trinidad by evening, ready for some sunset shots.

Plaza Mayor, Trinidad

Plaza Mayor, Trinidad

Trinidad Cuba sunset

Trinidad Cuba photos sunset

Day five: Playa Ancon

The next day, we biked the 30km roundtrip to Playa Ancon, the best beach on Cuba’s southern coast. En-route I saw more crabs than I have ever seen in my life… and cycled over more than I ever want to in my life. RIP crabs.

Trinidad to Playa Ancon views

Playa Ancon - Cuba photos

Day six & seven: Varadero

Our last two days were – quite literally – a wash out. On arrival in Varadero, we were met with a brutal storm which lasted most of the day and grey skies and occasional rain dogged us into our second day, too. A grey end to a great trip!

Stay tuned for more blog posts on Cuba!

8 thoughts on “My Cuba photo diary

  1. Love those buildings and the old cars, gorgeous! Cuba’s been on the wishlist for ages, looking forward to reading your posts about it.

    1. Thanks Lucy. The cars really are spectacular, but the buildings really did it for me. None are in a great condition but somehow that really adds to the appeal.

    1. Thanks Vlad! Just posted my Havana guide but will try and get more stuff up asap!

  2. AMAZING! My first reaction was – wow, that was quick [after the travel ban’s been lifted], then I realized that my American was showing and that Europe didnt stop having relations with Cuba…. right?
    Anyway, I cant believe those old cars are a real deal and not just props! The country looks like something of a parallel world… cant wait to read more!

    1. Haha, Brits have always been able to travel to Cuba but it’s definitely getting a lot more popular now/ I think everyone has the same mentality these days: “We have to get there before the Americans!”
      By the way, those old cars are literally everywhere – they outnumber anything more modern by about 5 to 1. It’s definitely a very special country to visit!

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